Obligatory First Post on my Favorite Subject


I am John P. Bloch, and I am a web developer by trade. I wasn’t always so. I was actually an English major at the University of Dallas, and I graduated with plans to either go into law or teaching. But such is life, I’m told.

Anyway, now I’m a web programmer. I work mostly on the WordPress platform because it’s so powerful and flexible. I’m 100% self-taught, and would be happy to share the resources I used to get where I am now with anybody interested.

I work/live in the Washington D.C. area and couldn’t be happier here. I love the vibrant city life, the people, and the almost mythical aspect of the city. I say that I hate the tourists, but I don’t really hate them. I just wish they would get out of my way on the metro. Other than that, I think there alright, and more often than not, are much better people than the locals (myself included, I’m afraid).

Anyway, I don’t know specifically what I will be writing here yet, but dear Lector, I do thank you for your time here.

Kansas boy transplanted to DC. English major transplanted to web development. Lover of things.


  1. Annie Anderson · June 19, 2010

    Hey John,

    I’d love to know what resources you used to learn WordPress. Feel free to email me at the email listed on this post.

    Thank you greatly!


  2. John P. Bloch · June 27, 2010

    Hi Annie,
    Thanks for the comment! I think I’ll end up writing a post (or a few) on the various tools I used to learn, but I’ll send you a message soon anyway.