A Man's Desk Is His Castle

Admiring my work

You may have wondered what the header on this site is all about. Well, this is what it’s all about –>

I finally finished my fort made of coffee cups from Filter (@filterdc). It’s made of 40 cups, ranging in size from 8 oz. to 16 oz., some for hot coffee, some for cold (I built it in the summer. You can’t expect me always to be drinking hot coffee!).

Anyway, So I’ve completed my fort. Now it’s gone. I threw away all the old cups except the one with the flag on top. I kept that one for sentimental reasons. The flag is a WordPress flag!

The WordPress Flag

So now it’s back to work on the perennial pursuit of keeping my desk clean. Surprisingly, my desk has never been cleaner than when I was building a fort on it from disposable cups.

I’ll miss the fort, but it is nice to have the space back.

I don’t know if anybody else has this problem, but when I have right or left aligned images I feel compelled to push the text beneath them so that it wraps. One of those aesthetics things. It’s also because I never trust the stylesheet enough to feel confident that the containing div will be properly cleared. Maybe I should start trusting the CSS more…

Sorry if you didn’t understand that last paragraph. But I cleared the last image!


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