Goodbye to Facebook

So I’ve officially deleted my facebook. It’s nice to be done with it all. My fiance has been saying such aggravating things as “I’m not engaged to you anymore.” I don’t really expect her to understand the open source question, since it’s too wrapped up in the programming; amusing nonetheless.

Apparently I’m missing out on all the fun anybody could have in the world. Never mind the fact that I haven’t posted anything on Facebook in months, and the only reason anybody sees my profile is because my twitter feed cross posts to facebook automatically.

I look forward to devoting more time to this site and making it more than just a landing page with no information.

Kansas boy transplanted to DC. English major transplanted to web development. Lover of things.


  1. Mary · August 11, 2010

    Sad! We’ll miss you Mr. Bloch! Hopefully you will keep us up to date via blog!

  2. Peter Bloch · August 16, 2010

    Hey John,

    So you found a way to get rid of facebook, good for you. I feel like a drug addict when I’m on there. I have to find a way to reduce my usage. I like the new site, and I hope that you continue to post on it and modify it. My main critique is that it’s not especially aesthetically pleasing. Hope all’s well and you can find a way to be re-engaged to E.M.