DCPHP Presentation on Git

So last night, Marco Ceppi (@marcoceppi) gave a talk on git at the DCPHP meetup group. Git is a distributed source control program. If you’re familiar with WordPress development, think SVN but not centralized. The talk was very informative. I’ve frequently complained that source control zealots don’t do a good job explaining why the apples of their respective versioned eyes are so very worth plucking. The conversation often goes like this (I’m picking git because it’s on my mind):

Me: so tell me what is so awesome about git.
Me: right, but why?
Them: because it has a great workflow, one that I love.
Me: huh. So git is great because you like the workflow?
Them: … yes…
Me: what it I don’t like it?
Them: …
Me: … ?
Them: oh, you’ll love it. You’ll learn to love it.

So it’s no surprise that I looked at git as some arcane form of arranged marriage.

I should be clear. I love subversion, and as long as WordPress continues to use it, So will I, no question. But if I HAD to use a different source control system, I’d probably go with git.

Marco did a great job of explaining git, its advantages, and its disadvantages too. I’ve never heard anybody make such a good case for any source control program as Marco made last night; and all on its own strengths rather than the observation that it’s not (svn|cvs|mercurial|baazar).

Also, Nacin created a ticket and patch for a bug from his phone at the bar afterwards. Android FTW.

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