Some Random Musings

If you’re a regular reader, I apologize for the lack of new content over the last couple of days. Oh well, right? Life goes on.

Anyway, I did something yesterday that I have not done in a very long time. Something I’ll bet very few of you have done in a while either.

I went to a physical store and bought some physical CDs. No iTunes store, no Amazon, I went to target and bought two Muse CDs (The Resistance and Black Holes and Revelations). It felt a little weird. It’s been such a long time since I’ve even bought music at all, ever since Pandora came out, but even then, most of my more recent purchases have been either CDs from online stores or downloads from iTunes. I wonder, will buying CDs go the same way that buying beautifully bound books and hand-written letters have gone? That is, will CDs be another item lent value by antiquity, cherished for their scarcity, or at least their tangible quidity (actually HAVING something physically instead of just digitally)?

These things always start to die in a utilitarian frenzy of efficiency, and when these sorts of things (e.g. letters, beautifully bound books, vinyl records, straight razors, etc.) do make a cultural comeback, it is invariably out of some consideration of the aesthetic. It’s more meaningful; this heightened meaning is more apparent in some things (like hand-written letters) than others (like straight razors).

We sometimes call these items ‘Old School’; they’re somehow more authentic. Anyway, I’m wondering if the CD will become one of those ‘old school’ items, or if it will be left in the dustbin of transitional innovations, such as the 8-Track and AOL. I could honestly see CDs going either way. What do you think?

So I’ve been on a pretty strong Muse kick lately. I discovered that I’m very productive when I program while listening to them. So much so that I created a Muse station on Pandora. But even that wasn’t enough Muse for me. I only bought two Muse CDs last night because that’s all they had at the Target I happened to be at. I’ll be looking for more in the coming weeks.

In wedding planning news, I’m in the process of preparing myself for researching marriage licenses and how to go about getting one. Should be fun.

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