WordCamp Mid-Atlantic

As you probably know if you read my blog often or follow my twitter stream, or have talked to me at all in the last 72 hours, I went to WordCamp Mid-Atlantic this weekend. This was my first WordCamp ever, so I was very wide eyed and full of excitement!

Marco Tabini from PHP Architect gave the keynote in the morning

Nacin, Jorbin, and Connor at work before Marco's keynote

Ryan Duff's WordPress-mobile

First of all, what is WordCamp? (if you know the answer, you can skip this paragraph.) WordCamp is a gathering of WordPress enthusiasts for a day of presentations, discussion, networking, socializing, and just general pow-wowing about WordPress. WordCamps sprung out of similar ‘unconference’ ideas like BarCamp. They’re basically opportunities for the WordPress community to act as a community in non-virtual ways. Regularly scheduled meetups are another way.

So WordCamp Mid-Atlantic was in Baltimore, at Johns Hopkins University this year. There were a few prominent names in the community speaking there, such as Andrew Nacin, Brad Williams, and Lisa Sabin-Wilson, and at least one from outside the community: Marco Tabini from PHP Architect gave a keynote (unfortunately, Nacin accidentally sabotaged his presentation). Oh, and GoDaddy was one of the big-name sponsors, and they provided milk and cookies. 🙂

I got to meet a lot of people, some of whom I’ve followed (a.k.a. stalked) for quite some time. Brad Williams (@williamsba), Aaron Brazell (@technosailor), and Ryan Duff (@ryancduff) most notably. Great people.

There was quite a bit of great information floating around, both in the tracks and in the unconference, or just in the hallways or pizza place where a lot of us had lunch. For example, I need to look into


at some point in the near future.

The afterparty 1 was a lot of fun too 2, and I’m just glad that we in the WordPress community are geeks, not nerds, dweebs, or dorks.

After driving back to DC and dropping Nacin and Connor off, Jorbin and I headed over to Ray’s Hell Burger. I’d never been before, and I have to say, that was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. I definitely see myself going back there again.


  1. Next time you’re in the #WordPress IRC channel, type the !afterparty command for an interesting picture
  2. So as not to clutter up the body, here are links to the pics from the afterparty: Nacin, John F Croston, Jorbin, and Connor JenningsPoolPressAaron Brazell et al.

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