From the November WordPress DC Meetup

The slides from my WordPress DC meetup presentation, “Plugin Development for Beginners,” are online. I apologize for the typos and formatting issues. The former is my fault, and the latter is Slideshare’s fault.

Because slideshare was inserting unknown JavaScript into my website, I’ve removed the embedded version. You can still go to their website and see the presentation there:

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  1. Chris Cox · November 15, 2010

    Not meaning to start a holy war here, but I personally would shy away from recommending a text editor for plugin development.

    A good IDE makes everything better.

    • John P. Bloch · November 15, 2010

      Not a problem.In my mind, an IDE is a text editor. Granted, it’s a text editor with gobs of extra stuff that some developers want/need. But they’re certainly not using IDE’s to paint pretty pictures.For advanced developers, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using an IDE, but for beginner developers, I think an IDE has the potential to harm the growth of the developer. It can (not that it necessarily does, but it can) become a crutch that hinders the developer’s growth by removing the need to gain intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the language and application upon which they are working.Besides, we all know that VIM is the only text editor that REAL developers use. 😉

  2. Taing Sunnguon · December 3, 2010

    we can use dreamweaver for edit