Commuting in Washington DC

This is a compilation of as many of my thoughts from this morning’s commute as I could write down on the commute. Isn’t WMATA just awesome?

I can hear your obnoxious and repetitive rap music, large black man behind me. I wonder how you would like being forced to listen to Fuare’s Requiem against your will.

Green line delay? But I’m not on the green line. Doesn’t that make it a yellow line delay then?

No, announcement lady, that is not my bag.

Ridership is thinning, unlike the rider beside me.

<— When I saw this before, I thought of pirates. Now I wonder “Associative or keyed?”

If I had a cattle prod, would you all MOOOOOve faster?

Move to the center of the car, you inconsiderate dolts.

When I see you making out, I wish I could make you think of the hobo who slept where you’re sucking face.

How hard is it to get a darn escalator working?

The only thing I’ve never seen broken on metro is the machines that take our money.

Kansas boy transplanted to DC. English major transplanted to web development. Lover of things.

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  1. Joan Piedra · April 11, 2011

    Haha awesome post! I feel the same way all the time I ride metro, and regarding the ticket machines, yup, they do break too, and specially at the worst time, when you want to charge your card and get into the coming train.

    Anyway, thanks for writing the “Custom Post Permalinks” plugin, looks like I will be using it in a project really soon.