A Relic from my Past

Although the content of my posts here are often technically oriented, I am a great lover of literature and, more specifically, poetry. In fact, I have a B.A. in it. Oh, the days we spent at the University of Dallas, soaking in the poetry and beauty of the world and the Western Tradition! There were too few of those days.

One of the activities I was particularly involved in was a project called the Irving Renaissance. We were a group of students who would present our original works (short stories, poetry, essays, etc.) to a group of our peers for feedback and discussions; all of this was aimed at honing our writing skills; each semester we published a booklet of the best works from that semester in an effort to share the fruits of our activities with the community.

As I understand it, the group still meets regularly, although I’m not sure whether they still publish their works each semester.

Anyway, today I happened to be going through some old emails and I found a copy of one of my poems that made it into one of the booklets and thought I’d share it here. The rest of this issue can be found here. I’m not sure if any of the others ever made it online, though.

A Thought
by John Bloch

A face, passing through the doorway,
Slipping through the periphery of my life,
Strikes me like an unobtrusive drizzle
(perhaps running through the sprinkler);
It’s a lovely face, charming,
The kind you’d love to see
Framed at the Met or the Frick.

Where is she going? I’d rather not know;
A painting isn’t as enchanting
If it has a true personality;
If I knew anything at all of her
Destination I’d watch her go, not come.

So, I’m content with nothing
More coming of her than what I see
For an instant and then is

Kansas boy transplanted to DC. English major transplanted to web development. Lover of things.

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  1. Russell Heimlich · July 22, 2011

    You have elegantly described my attention span.